July: Pink one-piece and white top

This two pieces of clothing is bought with a cheap cheap price. Maybe the cutting is not that good, but i really like the style of these two piece. And guess how much i could get from them ? 25rm each! hehe, i think they are actually on sale now. After trying them, haha, i feel they looks not too bad on me. Esp white one, i really like the style of this. And for the pink white -piece, i remember i had saw a girl wore the similar style and its looks really nice on that girl, so i had actually looking for the similar style wheneve i hv chance to shopping. And was so happy that i can get it with a low price now. :P

I had found these in a small boutique in Time square KL.

July: Purple one piece

Purple is one of my favourite color, and I had found this style of one-piece in Forever 21 again. I just took a try because of this purple color and didnt really expect it would look good on me. But finally i think the outcome is not bad, it's very simple and looks quite slim and sexy on it actually, due to quite low cut. But again, i really love this, I can only see there's another color which is dirty green of this style, but dun hv black, otherwise i would like to have one more black color. I really like the cutting of this one-piece.

July: Black Skirt

I really like little unbrella skirt , esp above knee length. I think I look more slim and my legs looks longer with this style of skirt. So i had few of the similar styles for work outfit. And i think it's really easy to match with all kinda clothing.

I just love it when i found this black skirt from Forever 21 in Pavilion. And the price is again really affordable, cheaper than those you can find in most of HK boutiques. They have few color avaliable , such as sky blue, pink , yellow ..but seems dun hv white, otherwise i must buy one more white color. I had actually also planned to buy the yellow too,but just thinking it might be not easy to match with my clothes, and i might hv to buy some more tops to match with the yellow, and finally will spend more money on shopping clothes. Finally I just bought this black color.


July: High heel in White

I think the Pavilion is really a great shopping mall in KL, i had found this pair of white high heel there and the price is really affordable. Finally I know it's actally a singapore brand Charles & Keith , however they have outlets all around the world. Major in Asia pacific. I had actually tried another pair which i really love it. But they don't have my size. All 37 were out of stocks. So i tried to pick another one, orginally is a black color of this style. But again, no my size. Finally just go for this white color. Tho not the most wanted , but still like it!

July: cosmetics Elianto

I had bought these in KL Time Square, i never used this brand before and i think they are not really available in HK. I just saw many ladies was shopping in the counter, for my curiousity, just walked in to take a look. I found that there's some Korean words printed on the product, so most likely it's a Korean brand. But after i checked it out from their website, they are actually original Malaysia. And i just wonder why it's has Korean brand printed ? or acutallly its not Korean words, but other language?

Anyway, the purple eye shimmer i bought which is actually made in China. I quite like this color. Purple is one of my most used color for all occasions.

Elianto, which actually means "sunflower" in Italian, this is what i get from their website. I quite like the image of this brand.


July: nail color

I was about to buy some daily necessaries at Mannings and then i found Revlon was on sale. So i had bought these two nail color. I hadn't tried this mini version since they launched. I found that it's acually not color but coating! because the color is so light even after applying 2 layer. Gusss it has to be match with others. I didnt notice that it's nail enamal , otherwise i wouldn't bought it.

And also bought this lavender face wash , i saw they were out of stock last time when i wanted to purchase. This is a cheap and good face wash i would say, work fine on me. I am using the 3rd or 4th bottle now.


June: skincare

The last time i used Origins was like 3 yrs ago, i had used their foundation and lip gloss. Not so impressive, so i didnt purchase any more until today. Heard some of the comment that the spot remover is not bad to use. And i just passed by their counter in log-on. The spot remover is really small in size ,10ml only.

After trying some of their products , mostly are those face cream. But no one is really impressive. Until i had found their mask, i am quite interested in their mask actually. So i had picked this Out of trouble. ( for deep cleaning acne skin ). Don't really know it helps. And the the sales lady come asking me what i am try to find and see if she can help me out of not.
Then i just said i am looking for some moisturizer which need to be light and hydrating. So she had search some to let me try. Until this Matte Scientist , it's lotion like texture and ofcourse for oil controlling. And then i need something for nite, so I picked this Night-A-Mins Moisture lotion for nite but claiming mineral- enriched. So i had finsihed of shopping at Origins.

And this Peace of mind , is gumballs actually, just bought it for one more stamps. I am not really collecting stamps but as the saleslady picked the mint candy and this one for me to choose. Then i chose this.

She asked me what sample i wanna try. Then i just said maybe eye cream. So she had given me this Mega-Mushroom eye serum. And also sample of Drink ups ( hydrating mask) and Clear Improvement (deep cleansing mask).

I quite like their name of each product! Like Have a nice day ( mositurizer with spf), A perfect world ( antioxidant), Make a different ( for repair)

June: shoe

This pair of open toe highteels was bought with no plan. Just seeing they are on sale and walk in to look look only. And the sales asked me to try this saying the color is special and there's no stocks in their other chain store. She insists to take a pair for me to try, then i just try. I felt it looks not bad on me. So bought it with 40% off. :)

Also, bought this creamy cleaner when i was paying. The sales lady said it helps u to clean the dirty on leather goods easily. Dunno, but i don't bother to hv a try.


June: skirt

Sometimes just feel so bored to wear black or white all the time. So i had found this color quite nice as a skirt for work. It's a really OL type skirt i would say. But i just like the color much. It's more a purple color in real but not this blue.

And i am just thinking what color of top to match? most likely will be grey or white. or a light purple top.

June: shoes

Just can't resist to shop when they are on sale. So I had picked these 3 pairs. I had wore the black and white sandel highheels already. The black one is wedge, felt quite comfortable when just try on, but after u had walked a bit, felt not so good. I like the white sandel but it's not easy to wear, cannot walk fast with it on. and the white highheels, in fact it's not that high and the heels is not too thin. I guess will be quite confortable, haven't wore. and the leather seems very soft. Hope it will be comfortable la.

I fact i dont really want to buy that black wedge, but was convinced by the saleslady. I just found most of their shoes is not as confortable as before. Maybe it's because they had expand quite quickly these two years and open so many shops now. Lower price with a cheaper material to use and looser quality control? You can always find their shops in most shopping mall now.

June: pressed powder

My pressed powder seems disappear in my cosmetic bag and i really don't know where it has gone. So i get to buy a new one to use. Again, I buy this pressed powder from Bourgois. My color is the lightest 64 Rose. Haven't tried it on face yet. Dunno if the texture is good or not. But actually i don't really need to use pressed powder, just being lazy to re-apply make up on face when go out. You know it's almost a ladies 's must do actions when they were going to restroom.

June: Cheap Skirts and Dress

Sometimes you can really find some nice items with a cheap cheap price. Surely the quality and cutting is not too good. But they just looks pretty with an very attractive price.

I have one or two piece of clothes which i bought for like 69hkd only. I just like to wear them all the time because they really looks good on me.

And i had bought these 3 cheap dresses and a top from the kwai chung plaza, where is famous for shopping cheap and bargain clothing. This is my first time to shop there, things there is not as pretty as i expected. But finally i had found these. I esp like the yellow one-piece, but again the cutting is not really good.


June: Personal care

I had used up my body powder and lotion, so i get to buy a new one from Marks & Spenser. I cannot live without my body powder. I get to use it everyday after taking bath no matter winter or summer. And M&S body powder is my only choice. I buy this Magnolia scent today. I think i had tried all their scents from rose, china blue...the last one is lavender. And now this Magnolia. Don't remember i had used it before or not. I just know i had used up many bottle M&S body powder.


June: suit

I didnt buy any suit since last summer, because i rarely wear suit in summer. But i really like this white suit has this kind of collar, it looks not too formal as a suit. I just don't like to dress too formal when i need to be in suit. And more important is that i can get 40% off with two items purchase. :)

I am just thinking should i match it with black color high heel or white color? or Even silver? and what color of vest to match with the top?


June: Skincare

I had some breakout on my face since last week, this is really a headach problem to me. Don't really know what's going on. Maybe I was too stressful or i had drunk more coffee ? Or just because i had changed my face wash, and my skin just irritate to it? So i get to change another face wash.

I had choosen this new brand, called Clinelle ,which i had never used before. It claims they are professional care and even suitable for sensitive and acne skin. 100% natural without irritative chemicals. So i get to try this Deep Cleansing Gel.

And also this Eye & Lip Make-up remover, I was a bit hesitated to buy this, because i don't like make -up remover to be gel like. I am more comfortable with liquid if there's something i need to rinse off with cotton pad

Wish these two things work on me.


June: wrap dress

Some of the boutiques start on sale now actually, so i had just gone to walk walk around and take a look. Don't really get something that i really want to shop. But as sale just starts, maybe i can find some nice budget buys. I found this wrap dress from Mango, they are not yet on sale. But I get discount on this item. Maybe this type of dress is not so welcomed by Hong Kong girls. So they need to make it discount item first. But i just like this type of wrap dress more than those dolly-like dress. I find that over 80% of one-piece dresses in the market are this type. Dolly-like i mean. Some of them are just look like for pregnant ladies.

June: parfume

I just walked in Agnis b to have a look only, and i found they have parfume. As a parfume lover, ofcourse try try la. And a salesman came to me to help me to spray it on the testing paper. The smell is not too bad, but not really that impressive. However , the glass bottle looks so pretty. ( esp the heart shape) They have 2 sizes, 50ml and 30ml. The 50ml is the spray bottle, square shape. The smaller one is heart shape!! :) But without the spray. And if i purchase them for any size, i can get the tiny spray bottle for free.


June: Personal care

I am a frequent shopper of Watsons and Mannings, I just think it's so convenient to shop there, and i can always find something i need. And i do really like some of their cosmetic products. Price is much lower and the quality is not bad. I especially like to shop there when they are on sale.

From the pic, you can find the ZA cleansing oil, this is what i always used for removing make up, i had used up for N bottles. It's much better than DHC, i hate the bad smell of DHC, and i just dont understand why DHC cleansing oil is that famous and popular.

And the LipIce kids - strawberry, I am a really big fan of Lipice, and i just love this kids version strawberry. The texture is softer than the adult version.

This is my first time to try Bourjois lipstick, don't know if it will be good or not. But i quite like their products. Their blush is very famous and nice, and I like it so much. Had tried their foundation. Not the best, but good.

As for the masks, i had used the Chamomile anti- allergy masks before, dont really have a significant effect after use, but i like the smell of chamomile. Haven't try the Hydrating & Tightening stretch masks, i get to try it tonite.

June: Parfume

Didnt buy new parfume for long, just becuase I think there's too many bottles of parfume at home, and dont want to waste money. But I suddenly miss the scent of Flower by Kenzo, i had actually used up a few bottles. Recently, I seem dont have a scent for everyday but keep changing. Becasue I too miss the Kenzo flower scent. So i had just bought this, this is a limited edition 2007, the scent is similar to the original flower by kenzo, it has actually add an extra scent of citrus, make it smell a bit fruity. But the original scent which is so special i would say, it recalls some memories in summer time of my childhood. I just love it so much. But till now, i still cannot find a frangance that i am going to use it forever and keep not changing.

June: slipper

I bought this pair of slipper from Mark & Spencer, because the wealther is not that good, likely to have heavy rain. And i was wearing my leather pump today, it cannot be drenched. So i had bought this slipper to wear immediately. It looks summer!


June: Nail color

Had bought this today when I passed by IFC mall today, I was just pass by, a small boutique called Beau Nail, and I found there’re some nail colors displayed, and I was just trying to take a look only. But I found they have all collection of OPI nail color. Including the latest collection India. And I keep searching my Pink, I was wet today by the heavy rain. My skirt, hair and foot were all wet even I was sheltered by my umbrella. So get to buy something to make myself feeling better.

May: Cosmetics

Long long time didn’t bought any make up and skincare. And I just found this interesting product from Manning. BB cream seems to be very popular now, as the magazine already claimed it helps to improve your skin at the same time acting as a foundation. I wonder if that really works, but I do really want to get a try of the BB cream. BB stands for Blemish Balm, so I think it should have the concealer function.
And this BB cream I bought cost at hkd 112.5 only! The standard price is hkd 150, and Manning have 75% off now. So even I don’t used another time after bought, I don’t really waste too much money.

I was so eager to try that actually, so I had applied it on my face this morning without using any base but only moisturizer. The effect is not as good as it claimed on the magazine. But I did find it has a bit coverage. However, not enough at all, unless your skin is so perfect. But I just think if your skin is so perfect , u don’t even need to use any foundation, right? After applied the BB cream on my face, I still used my looser power as usual, cos I found it’s a bit sticky and not enough coverage for me! The texture of the cream is mousse like , it just like those hair mousse. I feel a bit interesting to use this on my face. If I am going to use that every day, guess will used up a month later. I think I still prefer foundation more, or maybe I shall tried other Brand of BB cream next time.

I Had also bought this eyeline gel from Kate. Since I had heard many good comment of using eyeline gel. They said it’s easy to apply on your eyelid no matter it’s a thin or a thick eyeline. I had almost wanted to buy that from Bobbi Brown, their eyeline gel is quite famous. But I found that I need to buy a brush also. If two things together, guess need around hkd 350+ , it’s expensive if I don’t use them everyday! Finally I didn’t bought that! And this Kate eyeline gel is a cheap version, because it costs hkd 95 only with the brush. After try on my right eye, I decide not to use it anymore, because it’s very difficult to handle! Luckily I didn’t buy the Bobbi Brown before. I still prefer to use dark eye shadow to draw my eyeline, it’s quick and easy to apply.

And I also bought a trial pad of Bioderma. I had used that product before, it’s not bad actually. The small size of this trial pad is perfect for my trip.


May: Dress

Some girls really like go to shopping at Zara or H&M, me too! Will just walk in to take a look whenever i pass by. But i never can find something suitable for me. With an affordable price , now i think i will go to Promod in the Festival Walk. It's from France, with many outlets global just like Zara and H&M. The festival walk one is their 1st outlet in HK just lauched in April. I guess they will have more outlet lauched soon in other shopping mall. I like their dress. It's more fun and colorful than those in Zara or H&M, and i think the cutting fits me more. So i had bought this. I think I will visit there sometimes later and try to find other items which may suit me.

And this pic is their model on the dress.

May: skincare

After using up for few bottle of Clinique Mositure Surge ( the peach color cream), I decided to use another brand because it's really boring to use the same one for long time. Clinique just work fine on me , not particular good. So why dont try something new. Last year, i had used Vichy for a short period and then stop, because my face was so sensitive at that time with many acne. But i quite like Vichy, it seems very scientific. And i had found this new product, the pump design of the bottle is nice to use. And the texture is better than i expected. Feel so refresh after applying on face. I guess i will use up this soon, as i apply it whenever after i wash my face.

May: Nail color

Suddenly i dont want to change my nail color all the time, so i decided to choose a color which i would always use. And it has to be a more natural color. So Pink will be the one i go for. One of my favourite Pink nail color is the 007 Revlon ,but they dont produce this color anymore. So I have to search for another similar. OPI seems would be a good choice. But the bad things is that i cannot find OPI everywhere, and they dont have their counter in HK, there're only some nail beauty salon has OPI avaliable. And i dont really like to go to those nail salon to purchase their product. I always think if their product is expired or not.

Finally , i had found this in Joyce beauty, but they only have the classic collection available. And i cannot pick my desired pink, so i had decided to give a try on this. It's a dark pink or rose. Maybe it looks good on my fingertip.

The outcome is that, the color is too solid i would say. To me , OPI and Revlon are quite similar in the texture and the brush is the same too. Too Small! Some people may prefer a smaller brush because they can hv a more detailed painting. But not for me. I think small brush is hard to handle.

And now, i have to keep searching for my Pink. This bottle would be used occasionally. Maybe it's a good color for toe. Let me try try later..


May: Bag

I had been looking for a bag which is big enough to put all document in it for long time. However, i still cannot still find my dream bag. Finally ,i decided to buy this, although i dont really like that much, it seems meet all of my requirement , which is big enough , lamb leather and looks practical. I had found this from Seibu, which the sales ladies had gone to their store to find 3 colors of the bags to let me see see. Finally i decided to buy this. I will need this, even i feel it's a big heavy and looks just so so. I had tried another one, its big and not heavy to carry, able to put my documents in , but it's looks casual. So finally i had picked this one.

And now i become their member, can enjoy 15% discount when purchase. If anyone of you interested in their bags, can ask me for the member card number.


April: wedge sandal

I've been looking for a pair of wedge for long time, my target will be white or yellow. Just because it's the color of summer and white will be easier to match with all sorts of summer clothing. I had actually found one white wedge in Aeresoles few months ago, but i didnt bought it because summer was not yet come. and in order to save some money and also some space in my home. I planned to buy it later. However , when that day i went to their store, i couldn't find it. And they had no stocks!! So i keep searching for my pair of wedge. Until i found this in Zara and it's cheaper than my budget! :) This is not white or yellow in color. But i just like it! And it's a wedge sandal , will be good for my summer.

In fact i had no planning to buy any shoes from Zara , i just think their shoes must not be comfortable. But this one i found it quite ok when tried on. Actually this is my first item bought from Zara, cos i could not find any suitable clothes there even i had visited for many time. So each time just see only!

April: yoga attire

I bought this from a nike outlet in tung chung, the same day i bought my bag in the previous entry. The reason for me to buy this is i really wanted to go practicing yoga that day but i didnt have any yoga clothes or sports clothes in office. And i didnt want to go home to bring my clothes. So i just bought it. And because they were also discount items! Another very good budget buying!


April: Black dress

This is what i bought from a small boutique in the shopping mall near my home. I dont really like that much but as i had tried 2 of their black dress for quite a long time and found that the sales are quite helpful, however a bit pushy. OK, i need more black dress to wear for work in summer. And this one is quite OK for me. However, it looks a bit more mature to me! And maybe a bit short too. Cos it's upper knee for at least 2-3 inches! And a bit too see -thru too. Anyway, i had bought it already!


April: Pink patent leather shoes

This is what I had bought last Sunday in a small Japanese clothing shop, they have shoes, bags and accesseries selling too. I was just trying to see see without intention to buy anything. Because I never buy any Japanese clothes to wear cos it's not my styles. But i had found this pair, Pink again. And i think it looks really pretty. But i wonder if the quality is good or not. So i had tried on. Hm.....maybe it's because i was wearing an uncomfortable pump that day, its shelly shoes. I found this pair of pink is more comfortble than what i wore that afternoon. However it's a bit loose. The sales lady told me they dont have a smaller size now, but would help me to check with their store. At the same time, persuade me to try on other pairs. Ok, then i just tried another pair which they picked to me. That one was quite pretty too. It looks like an imitation of Miu Miu shoes. However , it's in grey color. And the Miu Miu one which i always dream of is like more than 4K hkd. However, I am not going to buy an imitation tho i think it's quality is not bad.

Finally the sales lady convinced me to pay first, and then they will deliever a smaller size of the pink one for me to try , and will keep the two size for me to pick. Ok. then i paid.

So few days later, i came to pick up my shoes, what i knew is that they were leaving me another color of a smaller size. Which is black!! i felt like i was cheated. And i asked , why it's black? And because it's another sales who is dealing with me now, she seemed dont know anything, so i just pick the original one which i had tried.


I just like the fake crystal on the pink leather shoes much. But this is going to be a bit difficult for me to match with my clothing.


April: Pink shoes

Haha, i think i am just addicted to Pink shoes. And i just love this pair so much. I can have a 10% off for purchase this.
Reasons for shop;

1. I like the color

2. it looks cute

3. it looks comfortable to wear , cos it's Hush puppies

4. Maybe i need a new pair of shoes for my weekend casuals


Had wore it once during a Sunday afternoon to shopping. Hm...it's not as comfortable as i expected. But still like it. I think i cannot expect that the comfortable feelings is similar to wearing sports shoes. maybe next time when i wear i should try to stick a wound lable in my ankle. Otherwise my ankle skin will be painful.

April: Bag

This is a very good budget buying. Because it was bought at 50% discount. haha, we seems all love discounts. I bought it from an outlet at Tung Chung! It's just a casual shopping when i had finished my work there, and walk walk around in the mall. The reason for me to buy is ; it's Cheap! Guess how much it costs?

But I think it definitely not look like a cheap bag. And i just like the design and the lightness of the bag. I mean it's not heavy to carry. This would be used for my casual weekend outing match my casual wear. But i am thinking to bring it to work seriously. Just thinking how to match it with some light color outfits.

This bag can be used two sides. Which one is better?

April: Skin care

This is what I shop recently at Lane Crawford

1, Bliss The youth as we know it - moisture cream 50ml

the sales lady told me that it can be used for evening and morning cream and said it has an orange scent. can be used for face , neck and eye area. The so called one- stop solution.

What it attracted me is the word ' Youth' , i thought it is for young skin and i just like the orange scent. But after read thru the catalog, it's acutally an anti-aging product. And it's quite pricy. I was quite hesitated to buy it. Point 1 , i dont need any anti -aging product , not because i think i am too young to use it. But I am afraid of the sticky texture of it. And indeed i dont really need an anti- aging product. Point 2 , it's quite pricy to me, i can buy 2 bottles night cream with that price at other beauty counters. Finanlly I had bought it because ...

2. Sunban face SPF30 50ml

the sales lady told me i could receive a free sunban face SPF 30 with purchase of HK900 or above, which must include at least one item of The youth as we know it collection.

3. The Youth as we know it - Toner 200ml

again the sales lady suggested me to buy this to match with the mositure cream, it helps to have a better absorption of the mositure cream. Ofcourse i know it, but i just felt it's a bit sticky when she helped me to try on my hand. But finanlly i bought it too, because i cannot think of other products to buy. And it has a nice orange scent too.


After used for two night of the toner and mositure cream, it's really too sticky to me. I think the texture is really nice when i apply it on my face. And really a bit sticky. So i am gonna try for a few days. Only used at night before sleep. I cannot stand for any sticky products on my fact during daytime. If i get some ance come out later. I guess I need to give them to my mum to use la.

Have no chance to try the sunban yet. Cos I dont have any outdoor activities under sunshine now la. And my daily used foundation and base all contain SPF, PA funcation.


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